Scarcity and Economic Behavior in Rural Tanzania

In this field research project, we exploit temporal variation in scarcity induced by the Msimu harvest to study how scarcity affects economic behavior.

Climate Policy Preferences in Sweden

We surveyed 1600 Swedes on their climate policy preferences. Using experimental components, we elicit the causal effects of policy costs as well as future-orientedness on climate policy support.

Greenlandic Perspectives Survey - A Nationally Representative Survey

A survey project mapping the beliefs and experiences of Greenlanders in relation to the political, economic and climatic changes that the country is undergoing.

Peace Perspectives Belfast

We collect data on social norms for reconciliation in areas close to peace walls. The data collection is scheduled to January, 2023.

The Peace They Wanted? A Survey Project in Meta, Colombia

In 2021, it is 5 years since the signing of the historic peace agreement between the Colombian government and the FARC. Still, for many colombians the peace has fallen short of expectations. In this survey, we map the experiences of residents in the Meta Department, a war-torn region south of Bogotá, in order to shed light on the potentials and pitfalls of peace and reconciliation.